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Descriptor to Command

Converts an item descriptor into a spawnitem command, which can be used to spawn the item directly into the game without an inventory editor.

Directives Generator

Compares a recolored image with the original, and generates directives to get the same results in-game.

Drawables Generator

Convert images to drawables code that can be used to display the images in-game! Includes several features to make this experience more user-friendly.

Starbound Hatter

Create StarCheat exports for hats from custom images. These hats will work on servers without any modifications.

Starbound Instrumentalizer

Create StarCheat exports for instruments from custom images. These instruments will appear to all players on servers without any modifications.

I Say!

Configure and create active items that display text of your choice when activated. Allows you to easily obtain the items by copying a command and running it in-game.


A library to easily set up and modify key bindings in tech mods. This library is meant to be used by tech modders; it does nothing on it's own.


Creates multiplayer compatible animations that every player can see. Works for game assets but also any custom frames up to 64x48 pixels.

Text Colouriser

Puts fancy colours in your plain text. Colouring options and values can be hand picked, and the output can be copied straight to your clipboard!


An interface that allows you to set up any outfit, and spawn it for free. The interface support color options and patches can add items from mods.


A tech that allows you to edit the world around you on a larger scale. Includes useful functions such as copy and pasting structures and filling terrain.


A tool that communicates with a tech mod to bring a new way to interact with your game. Includes useful features such as spawning items directly in-game.